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home : news : greenwood January 24, 2015

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3/19/2012 10:36:00 PM
Man Murdered in Country Homes

GREENWOOD, SC – A man was murdered Monday night on Possum Hollow Road in Country Homes. Antonia Randall, 22, of 117 Possum Hollow Road in Greenwood, was gunned down around 10pm Monday night.

According to the Greenwood County Sheriff’s Office, several black males pulled up to a home on Possum Hollow Road. Another man came out of the house to talk to them and they opened fire on him, hitting him three times in the chest before speeding off. The man was still alive when officers arrived on the scene, but was pronounced dead at the hospital.

We will post more details as they become available.

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Reader Comments

Posted: Wednesday, March 21, 2012
Article comment by: Candice Loden

I did give my condolence to the young man. On this article and the other one where they updated about the shooter being arrested, but people wanted to argue with me about how many murders have occurred in the area. I know any neighborhood is prone to bad people, but there is a difference between having a couple of bad people versus it being more than 10 people. When someone says its a bad neighborhood usually they mean it in a figure of speech which is how I meant it. I have had my many a good time out there too. It is only natural to remember the bad over the good for most people. It definitely can leave an imprint in your mind especially when it is bad enough and for the record my bad times out there outweigh the good. I could name off more than my fingers and toes put together the bad things Ive seen, heard or had bad things done to my family and I. When these things occur left and right it is only natural for someone to feel like I do. It does not mean it happened to everyone in the area, but I know I am not the only one. I just want people to be more aware because since it happened to me and surrounding neighbors it could happen to anyone especially when it is in large amount. The more aware you are the better we as a neighborhood can prevent some of these things from happening. It is better to keep your eyes open and protect your family and belongings than turn a blind eye and overlook some of these things because at least when I lived out there I wanted to make it clear my family will not be overtaken or ran into the ground. We have that right. Ive taken a stand and maybe some people dont like it, but its ok. I stand up for what I believe in and I do not want a neighborhood my family and children live in to be run and taken over by robbers, drug dealers, bullies, and murderers. I fortunately got to leave because Im sure someone has thought well if you dont like it then leave...I did, but unfortunately is not something my father can afford to do, but while he has to stay there I can at least try and make a difference for him. He should not have to live on eggshells everyday. I found what Ive said relevant to the article because we need to make the people/person who shot this young man aware and others like him that they are not welcome around here if thats the kind of life they live. I for one do not want my children living next to or near someone who has murder on the mind especially over a card game! If I know of something bad Im going to do my best to prevent them from happening or at least get out of harms way. So sorry for my rants Im just tired of these things happening in such mass amounts and most everyone seems blind to it all. I cant try and help a community out if they dont want to try and do anything about it. or even believe a word Im saying. Bad things do happen everywhere, but it does not mean you have to take it sitting down if you get what I mean. I understand this shooting could not have been stopped, but as for everything else Ive mentioned it can be and things leading up to shootings.

Posted: Wednesday, March 21, 2012
Article comment by: Candice Loden

Thank you Ebony for seeing what I truely meant. I didnt mean no harm to anyone by posting what I did. I just wanted the cold hard truthes out there and is truely a sad tragedy that happened to this young man. Thats why things esacalated on the post here. Anyway you worded it better than I did. I apologize to the others for not having the best wording, but it all means the same thing. You are right. I didnt take into consideration that maybe some of the older residents just dont know, but is exactly why I put this out there. To the best of my ability all I want to do is get it out there so maybe we can all try and prevent things like this from happening and keep the neighborhood "clean" as we are able to. One person alone can not put much of a dent into these issues, but if we can all band together and recognize that yes these are issues then we can try and keep these problems at bay. I know we can not stop people from wanting to or actually shooting someone cause it happen in an instant, but we can let people know that if they live that kind of life then they can take it somewhere else. All we want to do is live safely and peacefully.

Posted: Wednesday, March 21, 2012
Article comment by: Ebony C.

I cannot say that I know of a lot of murders in Country Homes, but I can say that the environment has gotten a little more hostile over the past couple of years. I know of several gun related robberies in the subdivision and several drug transactions that go down daily in the area. Some of the older residents may not be aware of the things that go on there but believe me there is a reason a large number of people have put houses up for rent/sale in that area.

Posted: Wednesday, March 21, 2012
Article comment by: Candice Loden

No I did not. The death of Tony was very tragic. I dont think anyone should have to die like that. The people who shot him make the neighborhood look bad. Does my family and I having 25+ years experience in this neighborhood not count for anything at all? Also the fact there is a devide in the neighborhood dont help matters any. I lived on the side where Ashcroft is and I got to tell you unless you lived in certain areas of the neighborhood then you would not know some of the things we have witnessed. I dont think Im above living in some place like that if that is what you are trying to say because I did....the majority of my life and I had a job while living out there. I was a hard working person as soon as I could be at the legal age of working I did and I supported my household. It is hard especially when your father has nothing, but disability to live off of so honey I know hard times. I just do not understand how none of our time out there does not seem to count for anything and my dad has been one that has been out there since almost the beginning. Yet noone wants to hear that. Again Im not going to downplay what I said because everything I said is true. Why the heck would I make stuff like that up for? I have no reason to because saying what I have said has no personal gain for me. The murder count is for the entire subdivision meaning the side with possum hollow, the side with ashcroft and the houses on parkland place rd included. Maybe yall are not getting the entire number because you guys have not been out here as long or you live on one side so dont know whats happened elsewhere in the neighborhood. I can think of 3 murders right off the bat that happened in my lifetime when living there that happened on the ashcroft side so that is already more than 2. I just cant understand why people want to take me the wrong way. The neighborhood isn't that great why can't we face the truth, but I never put anyone down for living there or having to live there. I never would. I know how it is. I say what I say as an eye opener. There was even a time when someone was sending out community newsletters for the neighborhood cause it had gotten so bad trying to band all of us together for a meeting so we could all try and straighten up the place as a whole...and have community watches for people doing bad/illegal activity.....not many people showed up though so it just did not work out. So someone else obviously thought the same things we have that lived out there. It kind of makes me mad that noone cant seem to take our word for it and/or people misread what I say so for a 3rd time Ill tell you: IM NOT DISSING EVERYBODY, JUST THE BAD APPLES. I KNOW MOST ARE HARDWORKING INDIVIDUALS WHO STAY TO THEMSELVES. Why do I get attacked for putting the truth out there and maybe getting at least the part of country homes that seems to get the most action in a bad way some before please quit going against the grain...I would hope since yall guys live here yall would want it to be a nicer, safer, better place to live...even if you dont see anything happen does not mean it is happening. There was one time we were all awake and we had our bikes against the front porch and somehow someone was still slick enough to come and steal 2 bikes from the porch area so that should tell you something...and is not the only time a bike was stolen from my house out there or my car ransacked and gone through because I mistakenly forgot to lock my doors. Just 2 weeks ago someone fired off 4 rounds of shots at a house behind my dad so the neighbor next door called the cops and the cop even came out and asked my father what the world was he even still doing living out there....when a cop says that then ya know something isnt good about living out there. The cops wound up finding the shell casings and blood at the scene, but whoever shot the gun was gone. SO what more proof do I need to keep posting about this place. We also witnessed a person come and steal our good neighbors puppies too, but sadly nothing could be done about it cause the man didnt have papers on the dogs so there was no proof. So whatever yall think about what I got to say keep thinking it, but I dont think anyone in their right frame of mind would want to be living near all of these things happening and it happens frequently. Id live under a bridge before going back to that and no that is not dissing anyone again its just that Ive had enough of what that place had to offer. Maybe you guys live in a "good spot" in the neighborhood, but the side where ashcroft is gets too much bad action. Tiffany I do know how to survive. You dont know crap about me other than the negative things I have to say about this neighborhood. Im out of a job now and cant seem to get one and my husband and I are trying to make it off of disability alone which aint crap per month so dont freaking tell me I wouldnt know how to survive if I hit rock bottom. It confuses me how you guys take everything I say out of context and take it personal. I never meant one thing I said on a personal level...if you angry about what I have to say about this place then take it up with the darn people who made it that way for me and for others. I am not the only one with this opinion. My father talked about moving out and the person 2 houses down begged him not to leave her out there because she is afraid of that place too. I mean how many people do I need to band together to make I guess yall people who live on the other side see what I mean there is truth in what I say?? Whatever though....people will take things how they want to take them and if you and everybody else wants to be mad cause I spit cold hard facts so be it, but just remember I did not make it a bad place. One more thing. I remember being woke up almost every single morning one summer with these 2 teenage boys beating on the stop sign with a baseball bat where Iroquois meets Ashcroft.....the dang rude awakenings and headaches from that alone was enough to make someone mad. My dad has heart troubles and does not need to be jolted that way. but did those 2 idiots care? NO. I even stepped out and politely asked them to quit even though they should have had enough common sense to not be beating on government property, but not they start swearing at me like a sailor like Im the one who did something wrong. These are the reasons why i couldnt be happier not living there anymore so I hope that you can at least agree with me there. I bet if all this surrounded your house no matter where it may be you would get sick and tired of it.

Posted: Wednesday, March 21, 2012
Article comment by: Lisa Hunt

My condolescences and prayers go out to the family of this young man. Neighborhoods are not bad, it's the people who live in them. Why do people remember one bad incident but can't seem to remember 2 good ones. Tradegies happen everywhere. Just look at the gated community in Florida. So any one who thinks that their neighborhood is not prone to bad people they need a reality check.

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