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home : school news : college news August 27, 2015

2/9/2013 7:12:00 AM
PTC Honors List

Piedmont Technical College students who had outstanding academic accomplishments during the 2012 fall semester have earned inclusion on the President’s List. To be named to the list, students must be full time and earn a term GPA of 4.00. Students will receive a certificate of achievement signed by the college president.

            President’s List students include:

            Abbeville County - Zachary R. Bailey, Jennifer M. Blackwell, Fred S. Botts, Robert C. Boyd, Kevin W. Claussen, Anna L. Copeland, Dylan K. Ethridge, Brennan D. Ferguson, Luke A. Funke, Christopher L. Kidd, Jeffrey B. Linn, Cody H. McIntire, Punit H. Patel, Kimberly Richey, Jessica G. Sutherland and Nolan L. Swartzentruber, all of Abbeville; Nicholas C. Brown, Julian W. Hall, Jasmine L. Sanders and Jessica L. Sanders, all of Calhoun Falls; Christian B. Miller, Erica L. Strickland, Evelyn M. Strickland and Kelsey S. Vaughn, all of Donalds; Mark A. McCullough of Due West; Sergey M. Cherkasov, Jessica M. Lindley, Jessica T. Magaha and Lukas S. Suit, all of Honea Path; Shawn Baucom, Joshua R. Pendleton and Emily Skelton, all of Iva; and Anna L. Wilson of Lowndesville.

            Anderson County - Steven T. Young of Pelzer.

            Edgefield County - Samantha L. James, Hannah V. Smiley, Sarah G. Smiley and Taylor A. Weiss, all of Edgefield; and Michelle S. Clark of Johnston.

            Greenwood County - Morgan R. Mooney and Corey L. Thomas, both of Bradley; William D. Sisiam of Donalds; Heather L. Barre, Margaret M. Bley, Rachel M. Bowick, David T. Brown, Denver Brown, Cory A. Cheshire, Tinslee S. Christopher, James H. Cobb, James C. Crowder, Rhonda M. Cutter, Brian P. Davis, William J. Doherty, Marissa A. Duff, John O. Edwards, Elizabeth C. Gardner, Brianna M. Getsinger, Georges P. Godfrin, Philip C. Griffeth, Robert J. Hanke, Todd Harmon, Anthony D. Hill, Jennifer D. Hill, Dyllan T. Hinton, Therone W. Jones, Nathaniel C. Lagrone, Steve H. Loggins, James G. Matthews, Joshua P. Matthews, Whitney D. Moore, Amber L. Moton, Regan A. Mountz, April S. Nance, William C. Nickles, Keenan B. Phillips, Todd A. Raugh, James W. Rogerson, Antonio Rodriguez, Mesha L. Sanders, Fred M. Saunders, Katie M. Sears, Rebecca E. Shirk, Megan L. Slimmer, Cynthia B. Snelling, Kalyn R. Templeton, Ashley A. Tinsley, Pamela A. Tinsley, Karen R. Tisdale, Robert V. Wald, Sydney E. Wells and Christina Westervelt, all of Greenwood; Dalila Glover, Melissa A. Hall, Mackenzie L. Tharpe, Jessica L. Wakefield and Robert S. Weeks, all of Hodges; Kristen L. Alexander, Mary L. Allen, Nicholas P. Bachinski, Danielle C. Balentine, Amber M. Bell, Heather L. Case, Isaiah Furqueron, Johnathon R. Hasting, Timothy S. Oliver, Brooklyn L. Parnell, Jordan T. Raines and Dylan C. Scott, all of Ninety Six; George W. Dorn, Tanika D. Garrett and Casey R. Miller, all of Troy; and Leone H. Williams of Ware Shoals.

            Laurens County - Karrame R. Campbell, Justin J. Cunningham, Donna L. Entrekin, Kelly L. Estes, Elizabeth J. Gardner, Christina R. Halse, Christopher A. Hughes, William K. Kempster, Tara E. Lindley, Tiffany T. McWatters and Cameo N. Nelson, all of Clinton; Ronald J. Aderhold of Cross Hill; Amber N. Greer of Fountain Inn; Danielle N. Barbrey and Taylor A. Staton, both of Gray Court; Dallas B. Bagwell, Logan H. Brewer, Michael Burns, Jean P. Campbell, Chasity M. Creasy, Barbara P. Killough, Jose D. Martinez, Jenifer A. Ortiz, Benjamin S. Powell, Faith D. Rayborn, Astarria Sheppard, Dillon B. Sherfield and Carly M. Smith, all of Laurens; Candice C. Watts of Ware Shoals; Frankie L. Elgin, Matt W. Shipley, Misty M. Todd and Hanna M. Yassney, all of Waterloo.

            McCormick County - Chelsea C. Johnson of Calhoun Falls; Devin T. Chiles, Ashley N. Hill, Latasha Johnson and Anthony G. Quarles, all of McCormick; Courtny Maddox of Modoc; Malaurie B. Hullings and Robert E. Rushton, both of Plum Branch.

            Newberry County - Bobby Skelton of Chappells; John C. Brooks, David Castro, James A. Ellis, Sarah E. Jaeger, Kathleen E. Kelly, Pedro J. Lopez, Aminee M. Point, Kelli Shealy, Erika N. Tinsley and Aubrey T. Wise, all of Newberry; Tessa M. Meetze of Pomaria; Bonnie S. Alger, James C. Ballantyne, Henry A. Brandt, Seok W. Choi, Corey W. Cook, Richard A. Crumpton and Nathan Longshore, all of Prosperity; John Q. Calhoun of Silverstreet; Carrie C. Harmon, Mark D. McMurtury and Heather Merritt, all of Whitmire.

            Saluda County - Ruth L. Shealy of Batesburg; Collin Derrick, Benjamin P. Hallman and Susan D. Shuler, all of Saluda.

            To be named to the Dean’s List, students must be attending full time and have earned a term GPA of 3.75 or better.

            Dean’s List students include:

            Abbeville County - Chase E. Driver, Taylor R. Driver, Nathan W. Freeman, Kara R. Fuller, Henry D. Hayes, Khadijah B. Mattison, Shayne M. McDonald, Brianna N. McDuffie, Patrick C. Mulcahy, Jenna R. Overholt, Joseph P. Rogers, Sheila A. Weitkamp and Pamela M. Williams, all of Abbeville; Ryan M. O’Shields and Cleave L. Robinson, both of Calhoun Falls; James-Michael Bonetti and Thomas W. Dixon, both of Donalds; Wayman S. Christie, Desiree B. Dodson and Ashton M. Galloway, all of Due West; and Haley B. Gilmer of Ware Shoals.

            Anderson County - Deana L. Fleming of Honea Path; and Tracey J. Gilbert of Anderson.

            Edgefield County - Nathan B. Legrand of Edgefield; Henry J. Caines of North Augusta; and Mary M. James of McCormick.

            Greenwood County - Destinie R. Morris, Patricia J. Polattie and Catherine A. Richardson, all of Bradley; Sandra H. Ervin of Donalds; Latasha Y. Barber, Amber D. Bearden, Seth Bishop, Angela M. Childs, Tracy A. Cornejo Rios, James M. Dilleshaw, Kelly M. Erickson, Tomekia S. Floyd, Asha L. Gilliam, Tony Gonce, Hyland C. Gresham, James R. Irby, Dustin T. Klepper, Cheryl S. Leverett, Jennifer Logeais, Tammie Y. Mallory, James E. McCoy, Jonathan N. Mohajer, Allie E. Moore, David Nicholson, Kathy A. Richardson, Mayra L. Santiago, Andrew R. Savage, Shuwanda T. Smith, David Y. Spearman, Savannah O. Spencer, Tareze D. Thomas, Emnmika C. Tolbert, John B. Waters, Teresa C. Watson and Thanayut Yawah, all of Greenwood; Jessica D. Boland, Jacob H. Chapman, Joseph Clamp and Harrison P. Light, all of Hodges; Laura Banks, Mia E. Brown, Kaylee A. Deason, Edward F. Emery, Nathaniel G. Henderson, Heather L. Moton, Crystal C. Norris, DeAnna C. Parker, Addison Q. Proctor, Jake A. Roberts, Jonathan Scott, Theodore N. Thomas and Gena H. Turner, all of Ninety Six.

            Laurens County - Michael B. Bolt, Barbara A. Caldwell, Alan M. Ethridge, Christopher L. Fuller, Elisabeth R. Ledford, Brandon A. Neal, James R. Robinson and Antysha C. Simpson, all of Clinton; Heather Gillispie of Cross Hill; Kenneth B. Griffin, Judy A. Mullikin and Erica L. Prescott, all of Gray Court; Timothy J. Rochester of Joanna; Stephanie L. Starnes of Kinards; Naja T. Bartee, Patricia L. Boyd, Michael C. Flowers, John R. Gordon, Jordan Greene, Jacob T. Jenkins, Rebecca E. Lawson, Shyndya L. McDowell, Starlin A. Medlin, Christopher J. Sanders, Savannah L. Sharp and Jude C. Strange, all of Laurens; Dillon M. Qualls of Ware Shoals; Willie J. Copeland, Alex L. Hightower, Sarah Hughes and Britnie Waddelow, all of Waterloo.

            McCormick County - Larriell K. Lee of Calhoun Falls; Alexis A. Browning, Shermaine L. Jennings, Whitney McQueen, Miranda K. Moore, Haley Nichols and Catelyn A. Shinn, all of McCormick; and Toni M. Tutt of Plum Branch.

            Newberry County - Vickie M. Stockman of Little Mountain; Allison S. Elkins, Milton A. Harp, Charles A. McJunkins, Andrea L. Peay, Alexander R. Rikabi, Monica O. Rikabi and Patrick D. Shelton, all of Newberry; Mollie I. Connelly, Brooke E. Harclerode, Gary D. Higgins, Analee M. Luke, Ian C. Smith, Rion C. Werts and Raven N. Wise, all of Prosperity; Kerry M. Jenkins and Antonio D. Sims, both of Whitmire.

            Saluda County - Brantley R. Kirkland of Batesburg; William N. Corley of Chappells; John E. Matthews of Leesville; Kaitlin L. Farnacci and Mark G. Rushton, both of Saluda; and Maegan D. Onofrey of Ward.

            Merit List students include:

            The Merit List recognizes students who are attending part time and have earned a term GPA of 3.75 or better.

            Abbeville County - Abigail J. Abner, Devon G. Bowie, Joel E. Bull, Zachary Dailey, David A. Fogle, Edward P. Guy, Deborah M. Haddon, Stacy L. Haddon, Kimberly G. Henry, Donald Hill, Eric B. Hudgens, Justin W. Hudson, Marsha P. Landers, Holly F. Leonard, Kasey McNair, Sandra M. Moore, Aaliyah B. Morton, Runda Morton, Michael A. Norryce, Larissa A. Overholt, Mary E. Parrish, Erin F. Smith, Kristi L. Starks, Ilissa V. Stovall, Antonio O. Tillman, Elisabeth K. Timmerman, Kortney A. Timms, Tange R. Wall, Erik D. Webb, Jessica R. Weis, Charles F. Willis and Crystal N. Wilson, all of Abbeville; Charles Fuller of Bradley; Haleigh R. Chappell, James A. Hembree, Hannah G. Johnson, Natasha L. Postell-Jackson and Evan J. Smith, all of Calhoun Falls; Morgan C. Fultz and Hannah F. Stoll, both of Donalds; Amanda G. Beverly and JeColby T. Davis, both of Due West; Travis Crocker, Krystal Gibson, Bryon E. Howell and Bobby J. Suit, all of Honea Path; Kristina G. Swanerbury and Robert G. Wooley, both of Iva.

            Anderson County - Barbara Fulmer and Tammie K. Roe, both of Anderson; William R. Brock of Belton; and Michele Martin of Honea Path.

            Edgefield County - Renata D. Copeland, Haley V. Flores, Tabatha T. Grasty, Mallory E. Harling, Trent M. Miller, Tori E. Perano, George M. Thompson and Amy M. Williams, all of Edgefield; Ora D. Bryant, Melissa A. Cleveland, Miranda E. Deese, Vonne N. Doran, Baylor D. Jones, Wallace F. Middleton and Nicholas Scoggins, all of Johnston; Connie Cunningham and T’Keyah Y. Gilchrist, both of McCormick; Rachel D. Farmer, Allie E. Jhant and McKenzie A. Talbert, all of North Augusta; Shelby M. Collier, Ebony M. Johnson, Rachael L. Rudd, Dominick T. Stone and Mary Y. Adams, all of Trenton.

            Greenwood County - Linda V. Cason and Donna L. Gore, both of Bradley; Cirae D. Adams, Nakisha B. Anderson, Julie G. Andras, Alexandria N. Arnold, Hannah Ashley, Meredith R. Baldwin, Stephen W. Barklow, Haley J. Barnell, Sarah J. Bates, Brody R. Bertolini, Janna L. Bontreger, Robert E. Bouknight, Erica J. Bowers, Christopher G. Brewer, Matthew Bridges, William D. Brown, Meredith A. Bunch, Marion T. Burnside, Natale W. Burton, Wynona S. Burton, Beverly L. Butler, Robert E. Butler, Gwendolyn M. Callaham, Shayla R. Carter, John R. Castro, Kaneisha A. Chalmers, Taylor M. Champion, Michaela B. Chappelle, Carroll S. Charles, Guanticha L. Chinn, Michael C. Clarke, Jordan Collins, Betty A. Colon, Janelle D. Copeland, Kaylee B. Crenshaw, Lisa S. Creswell, Brittany Crouch, Robert E. Culbreath, Christopher E. Day, Juan A. De Leon Hernandez, Tina R. Deason, Julie E. Dixon, Mikayla S. Dunlap, Bradley W. Dyar, Jasmine D. Edwards, Connor M. Felder, Wesley L. Fender, Julie C. Ferguson, Kristin R. Ferrell, Carly E. Finkenstadt, Timothy L. Fleming, Stanley Foggie, Blakely L. Frazier, Allison L. Gallman, Jessica O. Gibert, Ytovia N. Gilchrist, Bonnie W. Graham, Kristina A. Griffin, Shirlandra T. Griffin, Justin D. Hand, Jeremy Harris, Ronald A. Heitzenrater, Roland Hill, Crystal N. Hinen, Jordan E. Hudgens, John D. Jones, Brett Kelly, Patricia G. Kesler, William G. Ketron, Breeanna M. Lewis, Dawn J. Lewis, Timothy D. Lewis, Jamie D. Lindley, Mark J. Linsenbigler, Jason Loveless, Sarah K. Luke, Diane P. Malika, Douglas K. Miller, Ryan C. Moore, Michelle F. Moorhead, Lashae N. Morgan, Dustin C. Morrow, Teila B. Napoleon, Savannah H. Newton, Nathan B. Nickles, Dedric J. Norman, Stevi N. Norwood, Michael R. Oswald, Kristen T. Parks, Jason L. Parnell, Courtney J. Pinckney, Anna-Grace Piontek, Charles C. Price, Carlos Quinones, Linda A. Ramey, Tina Rapley, Melissa J. Raugh, Robert A. Redding, Hannah L. Reese, Benjamin M. Ridgeway, Matthew H. Roberts, Stephen J. Rudy, Lee B. Salisbury, Dawson C. Salter, Chanel C. Sanders, Kathleen E. Schwartz, Erica Y. Scott, Justin D. Sealy, Richard A. Sellars, Catherine J. Sligh, Amy E. Smith, Candace Smith, Lucy M. Stevens, Jacquelyn D. Stewart, Nya I. Syndab, Patricia A. Tate, Melissa G. Taylor, Lee M. Tharpe, Pamela A. Thompson, Luis A. Torres, Christina D. Tran, Courtney M. Waldow, John K. Wanto, Deidre M. Warren, Summer Watford, Tomekia Wells, Tyler J. Wells, Jason A. White, Roshanda T. White, Margaret A. Whitley, Nicole M. Williams, Michael F. Willis, Matthew L. Wilson, Charles K. Winston and Alan W. Wright, all of Greenwood; Melissa A. Akin, Stephen C. Akin, Lauren H. Blackwell, Barbara R. Easler, Jeffrey F. Harling, Bernice Jackson, Jonathan D. Rochelle and Joshua M. Van Swol, all of Hodges; Brian W. Bencebi, Derrick D. Butler, William K. Butler, Eshane D. Cooley, Gregory D. Griffin, Teshana L. Hackett, Kristen D. Hardman, Emily S. Kelley, Adele E. Kelly, Steve H. Kesler, Kimberly A. King, John H. Martin, Jacqualine A. McCarthy, Jennifer L. Ouzts, Amanda I. Price, Megan Pruitt, Whitney L. Shaw, Kenneth S. Stargel, Sheryl J. Stewart, Brent E. Werts, Darius T. Williams and Rhianna E. Yates, all of Ninety Six; Logan S. Boland, Melrose W. Brownlee, Amy E. Burton, Ketoria S. Calhoun, Siera M. Randolph, Kenneth M. Sails, Stacey Y. Shell and Rosanna Walker, all of Ware Shoals.

            Laurens County - April Baird, Luke D. Dixon, Demetria A. Dowdy-Mcgee, Kristopher A. Evans, Quayle J. Evans, Michael D. Foster, Brittany N. Hill, Zachary J. Holden, Kyle X. Jacobs, Shanna W. Jones, Rachel E. Kelly, Annie L. Mcgee, Jean O. Montjoy, Jason S. Nelson, Jennifer N. Osborne, John A. Phillips, Tyrii C. Rumph, Robert L. Saltzman, Rhonda Scott, Kimberly O. Simpson, Justin B. Smith, William T. Smith, Matthew H. Taylor and Sara C. Waters, all of Clinton; Lakita C. Bluford, Chase Clayton, Bradley J. Colantuono, William Deal, Uriah A. Dillard and Tina L. O’Brien, all of Cross Hill; Brittany N. Hurley of Enoree; Nichole M. Johnson of Fountain Inn; Debra C. Attaway, Demetres Henry, Fazio Jones, Tiffany E. Knight and Emily McDowell, all of Gray Court; Peggy R. Brown of Honea Path; Kaitlyn Bradberry, Robert S. Lyons and Jamie K. Powell, all of Joanna; Victoria A. Ambrusio, Walter I. Barmore, Marie P. Bishop, Joshua R. Blackwell, Heather S. Childress, Kathleen C. Clemons-Blalock, Barbara J. Cliatt, Bradley N. Cooper, Tiffany L. Crane, Sara N. Farhan, Derrick L. Franklin, Serra F. Graddick, Jan C. Hill, Samantha Howell, Donald S. Hughes, Louise Irby, Angela L. Lagroon, Brooklyn T. Leopard, Joshua D. Long, Candace W. Lothridge, Jennifer A. Madden, Joy D. Nance, Travis R. Overstreet, Alvin Pennington, Emmanuel E. Perez, Brian S. Prevost, Leigh A. Simmons, Madison L. Simpson, Kierra M. Sims, Wendy K. Smith, Austin T. Tollison, Kathy D. Torres, Annie P. Whitmire and Michael E. Yantzer, all of Laurens; Rose E. Williams of Mountville; Warren J. Lowe, John R. Richey and Brittni Robinson, all of Ware Shoals; Latitia M. Jones, Jammie P. King, Cheryl A. Perry and Rollin K. Vangorder, all of Waterloo.

            McCormick County - Shanna E. Bridges, Shonda E. Edwards, Kimberly M. Haynes, Karlee A. White and Marita G. Wideman, all of McCormick; Johnny E. Lyon of Plum Branch; and Jacqueline C. Rivers of Troy.

            Newberry County - Braden Iusti and Brandon L. Simon, both of Kinards; Scot D. Edgeworth, Cynthia Feliciano and Carlin S. Fellers, all of Little Mountain; Melissa A. Bedenbaugh, Bradley J. Berryman, Stephanie E. Boozer, Jacob C. Counts, Julie D. Culbertson, Leodasha D. Culbreath, Elizabeth E. Derrick, Joni L. Espinoza, Jamie L. Fulmer, Elizabeth A. Hedgepeth, Shikeria Henderson, Susan R. Hendrix, Jack C. Huggins, Cassandra L. Johnson, Camisha Jones, Celia A. Kellogg, Barbara J. Nichols, Robyn D. Reeves, April F. Rendelman, Samantha Rikabi, Brainard C. Taylor, Brenda R. Trapp, David L. Turner, Leanne M. Waters and Elizabeth D. Woodruff, all of Newberry; Myriah Rauch of Pomaria; Brandy R. Babb, Brittany K. Bennett, Vicki A. Eaves, Austin Guy, Summer L. Hamm, Ashley C. Lake, Brandon C. Mundy, Holly A. Richardson, Kenny Shealy and Stephen P. Werts, all of Prosperity; Donna L. Brock, Brandy P. Holmes, Faith A. Long and Inesha L. Vanlue, all of Whitmire.

            Saluda County - Jacqulyne D. Myers and Hunter R. Price, both of Batesburg; Wanda S. Shull of Johnston; Jessica L. Will of Leesville; Christa G. Jones of Monetta; Raegan Addy of Ridge Spring; Dylan L. Bartley, Suzanne L. Bird, Paula H. Bowers, Kanika Brooks, Andrew C. Edwards, Jessica D. Farnacci, Crystal B. Gibson, Mollie Hallback, Joel Licea, Cooper F. Martin, Lauren R. Nordin, Carey V. Ridgell, Justin Salters, Alfher Segura, Kayla J. Shuler and Adam L. Tuttle, all of Saluda; and Claude C. Berry of Ward.

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